Yoga Is Everything You Will Ever Need

If You Are Wondering If Yoga is for YOU, Consider This:

bullet Yoga will sculpt and tone your body
bullet Yoga will build your strength, endurance, flexibility and agility
bullet Yoga is one of the best methods to boost your immune system
bullet Yoga will relieve almost any of your body aches
bullet Yoga will enhance your memory, attention span and concentration
bullet Yoga is the best remedy for your stress
bullet Yoga will significantly improve your vitality

Start Quote I would certainly recommend that those who want to know what yoga is all about, begin their classes with Maya Yoga Samudraa End Quote
Ho Phei Phei - Student, Samudraa Intense

Learn How In Our Classes

Our Yoga Classes boast the collective wisdom of generations of Yoga practioners. This knowledge has been carefully preserved through comprehensive documentation and training methods. The training methods are constantly being evaluated and perfected to ensure that every member derives maximum benefit.

The ambient experience of our studios adhere to the requirements prescribed in the accepted Yogic texts with emphasis on comfort for the modern individual. Instructors are highly trained and motivated with pleasant personalities. This gives our members a complete Yoga experience in a lively environment.

We Have A Yoga Class For You

We have taught hundreds of indivduals from all ages and groups and have been extremely successful at matching individual needs to corresponding Yoga methods. Building on this experience, we have designed 4 levels that will suite you, regardles of who you are:

Gentle Yoga or Samudraa Lite™

Beginner Yoga or Samudraa Energize™

Flow Yoga or Samudraa Intense™

Yoga Meditation or Samudraa Tranquil™

These levels are designed for every individual to begin and progress in Yoga in the most effective way. 

The True Art of Yoga

We Ensure Your Yoga Lessons adhere to the ancient authoritative texts on Yoga

The practice of Yoga is evolving to adapt to modern needs but its evolution should be guided by the ancient wisdom of the original texts. We balance modern day demands with the practices prescribed in the:

  • Gheranda Samhita
  • Hatha Yoga Prathipika
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra

That is why our studios are:

  • Not air-conditioned
  • Situated away from busy streets 
  • Well ventilated and airy

Feel the Difference

You will feel the difference in practicing Yoga correctly as taught in our Yoga lessons.


Yoga when practiced correctly does not cause any injury. At our studios, you can rest assured that you will learn Yoga the CORRECT way. Every care is taken to ensure that members are organized into the correct practice level.

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